Onkwawenna Kentyohkwa

Online Course


We offer an Introduction to Kanyen’kéha online course for absolute beginners. The course is 9 weeks long. Students study on their own time i.e., there are no set times where students must be on-line. Students should be prepared to devote study time daily.

Passing the Introductory course will allow you to advance to Unit 1, which is the same curriculum from our immersion course, adapted for an online self-study program. At this time beyond the Intro course, we are offering Units 1-4. These units are enhanced with video and audio material and are self-paced.

Our courses follows the root word method, and you will learn the principles of combining prefixes and roots to be able to construct your own sentences in the language.

Our main funder for this course is the Six Nations Language Commission.

We are utilizing the Schoology platform for our course.  This is a great platform that allows us to incorporate many learning tools including videos, documents, as well as audio on quizzes.  We also use digital flashcards using Quizlet and Anki.

Computer skills are absolutely necessary.  Students must be capable of navigating web-pages, identifying and clicking links, and downloading files. Students must have consistent access to the internet and a computer or mobile device with speakers. It is not recommended to take the course using only cellular data. For best viewing results, we recommend a student have a laptop or desktop. Students enjoy making and using flashcards on a mobile device, but doing the entire course using only a mobile phone is less of a user-friendly experience.

All of our courses cost $40, payable by email money transfer or PayPal or credit card. The next Introduction to Kanyen’kéha course starting  April 8, 2019 is full. The next available course will be in June. Please check back in May for information on registering for this or future courses.