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Language Learning Links

Gabriel WynGabrielWynerPicer is a self-taught polyglot who, besides English, speaks four other languages (German, French, Russian, Italian) and is perfecting Hungarian. On his blog¬†towerofbabelfish.com he writes: “I studied a language in high school, and left high school, like most people, without much of an idea what I spent all those years studying.¬† I was left with a disturbing question: I worked hard and I had good teachers; what went wrong, and what could I do better?”

He provides a lot of suggestions on his blog on what others in his situation can do to learn a second (third or fourth) language. He is big on flashcards, particularly Anki. He also shares tips on memorization techniques.


Benny “the Iribenny-the-irish-polyglotsh Polyglot” Lewis speaks nine other languages (Irish, French, Italian, Esperanto, Spanish, German, Dutch, Portugeuse and Mandarin – plus American Sign Language). Benny calls himself a language hacker who can help others learn another language using his unique methods.

He sells a package of tips and techniques from his website speakfromday1.com that promotes speaking over studying. He also writes a blog fluentin3months.com that chronicles his language-learning adventures around the world.