Onkwawenna Kentyohkwa


photo(42)1) Our exchange student/intern, Kahsennakayon (Jacquelyn Chen – in the middle of this class picture), has returned home to Singapore after spending two weeks continuing her Kanyen’keha studies here in Ohsweken. She became interested in the language after viewing Ryan Decaire’s Before-and-After Youtube video and seeing some of Assassin’s Creed clips in Kanyen’keha. She studied Kanyen’keha using our Anki flashcards and when she arrived, she greeted the class saying: “Shé:kon sewakwé:kon. Singapore nitewaké:non. Yah Kanyen’kehaka té:ken ní:’i nek tsi Kahsennakayon ni yónkyats. Wakatshennón:ni tsi kenh í:ke’s tahnon wakatshennón:ni tsi kateweyénhstha ne Kanyen’kehá.” Needless to say, she impressed everyone with how well she spoke the language. She also impressed everyone with her cheery and positive attitude and non-stop effort to expand her vocabulary. She speaks excellent English and Chinese and has studied Japanese and German. When she wasn’t studying in class, she made decks of Anki flashcards for students to use and helped fix the website.


2) Onkwawenna still plans to establish an on-line learning program on the Moodle platform this fall. Check back for more information.

3) Our website has been redone with much patience and expertise from Nicole Childs. She’s a website developer and graphic artist. Her website is here.